Fluke Networks DSP-4300 INTL

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Door de nieuwe 'compact modules' zijn geen grote hoeveelheden adapters meer nodig voor alle verschillende kabeltypes en leveranciers.

Belangrijke kenmerken:

  • Exceeds specification requirements for Cat 5, Cat 5e and Cat 6 with Level III Accuracy, independently verified by both UL and ETL SEMKO
  • Delivers more accurate PASS results with the new revolutionary Permanent Link Adapter - included with the DSP-4300
  • Includes Cat 6 Channel Adapter and a Channel/Traffic Adapter so you're ready to test Cat 6 channel limits with DSP accuracy
  • Automatically diagnoses cabling faults and shows exact locations in feet or meters
  • Expanded 16 Mb on-board memory saves up to a full day's worth of testing (300 tests) if you forget your multimedia card, or fill up the card.
  • Download TIA-606A compliant Cable IDs to the DSP-4300 in the office to save time in the field and ensure accurate data
  • Includes removable memory card and the most advanced cable test management software package

What's in the package

Standard DSP-4000 Series Package refers to Main and Remote test units, Talk Sets (2), Instrument Straps (2), DSP Calibration Module, RS-232 Serial Cable, 8-pin modular to BNC adapter, Rechargeable NiMH battery packs (2), AC Adapter/Chargers (2), CableManager Software, Users Information CD-ROM, Getting Started Guide, Quick Reference Card, warranty registration card, and rugged soft case.

DSP-4300 includes: Cat 6/5E Permanent Link Adapters, Cat 6/5E Channel Adapters, Cat 6/5E Channel/Traffic Adapter, On-Board Memory-store up to 300 results, MMC Card & Card Reader.

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