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Omschrijving:Machinetester MT204
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LEM MT204 Machine Tester

Easy to use safety tester that performs all the required tests and measurements on machines with electrical systems according to the International and European standard IEC/EN 60204 and the German standard DIN VDE 0113 part 1.

  • Measurement of earth bond voltage drop and earth bond resistance at 10 A AC for the verification of the continuity of the protective bonding circuit
  • Insulation resistance test at 500V DC
  • Test of residual voltages with separate compact residual voltage-tester
  • High voltage test (flash test) at 1000V AC, 50 Hz, output power 500 VA
  • Easy to use with rotary switch and START/STOP key
  • Instruction panel with limits in the top of carrying case
  • One set of connectors for all test functions
  • Compensation of test leads for the functions voltage drop and earth bond resistance
  • The high voltage test can be inhibited by a key switch, so the tester also can be user by trained persons.
  • High voltage test with selectable limit for trip current

Technical specifications

Voltage Drop across PE Conductor

  • Display range 0 to 19.99V ±(5% + 0.1V)
  • Test current > 10Aac at 230V ±10%
  • Test voltage < 12Vac floating output
  • Principle 2-wire (compensation of test leads)

Resistance of PE Conductor

  • Display range 0 to 19.99Ω
  • Other specifications equal as for voltage drop measurement

Insulation Resistance

  • Display range 0 to 19.99MΩ; ±(5% + 5D)
  • Nominal test voltage 500V dc
  • Test current > 5mA dc
  • Short circuit current < 5mA dc

High Voltage Dielectric test (Flash Test)

  • Nominal test voltage 1000Vac; > 500VA
  • Tripping current 10mA, 50mA, 100mA or 200mA
  • Trip out time < 30ms


  • Mains voltage 230V ±10%, 50Hz/60Hz ±5%
  • Display 3 1//2 dig. LED, digit height 20mm
  • Over-voltage category Cat II 300V EN 61010, Poll. Deg. 2

Residual Voltage Measurement

  • Max input voltage 440Vac or 620V dc
  • Start trigger (automatic) �"U/�"t>20V/s
  • Measurement after 1s or 5s
  • Level of safe voltage 60Vdc
  • Measurement principle 2-wire test

Supplied with compact carrying case with accessory compartment; residual voltage tester, high voltage safety test leads with protected test probes and instructions.

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